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Team Rocket Tournament 2018
Giovanni's return

November, Friday 2nd 2018
Lille, France

The day before Lille 2018 SPE, we'll organize

A big unofficial tournament!

Teams composed of three members (juniors, seniors and masters can be mixed) will fight vs other teams.


Store Au Beau Jeu
127 rue Molinel
59000 Lille

Subway : "République Beaux Arts"
Train station : "Lille Flandres"

November, Friday 2nd 2018

Opens at 10 AM
Tournament begin at 11 AM

On-site catering
No outside food.

Fee : 15€ per player

I want to register my team !

Informations & Rules

Standard Rules
with one constraint

The rules are the same than in any TPCI tournament.
The format is SM-on (STANDARD) but a same card name can be only present 6 times for all team's deck (except for energy cards).

Win the tournament !

A group stage will be organized to select the teams accessing to top phases. The top will be in direct eliminations.
(The number of phases and top teams will be determinated by the number of teams)

Structure of a match

Best-Of-Three on 50min

How to win a game?

A team wins if most of its players win a match!

The teams are ready to compete !

- Team (Qulbu)Toquée : Thomas D., Perrine L., Gwendoline L.

- Team POKEBUSTERS : Mathias W., Maxence L., Sébastien L.

- Team Why not play Ronflex GX : Romain C., Jonathan H., Anthony L.

- Team Easy Pouce : Renaud, Luka, Popeye

- Team Ligue in Bordeaux : Bastien B., Thomas C., Thibault N.

- Team "Retour des Fraises Tagada" : Jean-Denys R., Marjorie D., Emeline T.

- Team Tea Time : Tom C., Elias K., Adam K.

- Team Gouda : Bourre-Seins, Igor Gon Zola, Tomdesavoie

- Team Les DraQueen : Gabrielle L., Lise J., Laurina C.

- Team Proctologue : Vianney L., Cyrille L., Thomas P.

- Team Nom Provisoire : Matthieu C., Mathieu V., Stéphane I.

- Team Ligue Pokemon Révolutionnaire LPR : Beast, Déborah L., ???

- Team Parce que c'est notre projet (de gagner le TRT) ! : Brian D. C., Caroline R. G., ???

- Team Ditto Salt : Aymeric G., Léona C., Stephane T.

- Team Raibow DCE : Diego G., Corentin M., Elissia M.

- Team Dark Side : Geoffrey B., Laura M., Thomas D. O.

- Team Reims Serial Brickers : Julien G., Romain G., Damien R.

- Team Meta : Martin G., Mehdi H., Kevin R.

And those pre-registered !

- Team Sushi : Stéphane R., Bastien C., Teddy B.

Prizes & Surprises!

Announcement of the Team Rocket Tournament !

Discover the teaser !

A Team Rocket Tournament playmat for the top players !

And for the Casino!

Casino Prizes

For the Casino, we got you stuff from last World Championship and Pokemon Center Store !

Promo Card for All

Each player will receive a Promo Card TRT 2018!

GX Marker for All

Each player will receive a GX Marker TRT

Booster Tonnerre Perdu

Each player will receive booster of last extension

Team Rocket Sleeves

Theses sleeves will be offer to the team who will finish 2nd

TRT 2018 Trophy

The winners will win the TRT 2018 trophy. A custom Pikachu Rocket card in glass trophy


Team Registration!

Don't forget to also register to Lille 2018 SPE!
Take the opportunity to spend a weekend in the North of France!